Newsflash 3.1

(yes, you read that right: the ‘f’ is not capitalized anymore)

This release doesn’t introduce groundbreaking new functionality. But there are quite a few quality of life improvements worth checking out.

Marking all articles as read is now more predictable and can be undone. It takes into account if the article list is filtered by a search term or viewing only starred articles. Only those will get marked as read. If you still accidentally mark more articles as read than intended there is a grace period that allows you to undo your action.

Subscribing to a new feed used to add it to the sidebar. But no articles were fetched until the next sync. No longer: Newsflash will now fetch articles of that particular feed right after it was added.

Speaking of fetching articles for feeds: if a feed fails to download or parse for some reason it will now display an icon in the sidebar. This works for local RSS and all services that propagate their errors via their API.

My personal highlight in this release is the miniflux implementation supporting enclosures. This means more thumbnails and attachments for users if they run a recent version of miniflux (>= 2.0.49).

Other than that a few more smaller changes and bug fixes can be found in Newsflash 3.1

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