GNOME.Asia 2013

I attended this year’s GNOME.Asia summit in Seoul. It was my first time joining GNOME’s event and also going abroad. Probably I was only one who came from Japan. I’m really happy to meet a lot of gnomers around the world. It was an exciting two-day event, which offered many different sessions.

This trip was a good opportunity to talk with other translators for different languages. Especially, Changwoo, Korean coordinator, and Yinghua, Chinese commiter, told me about their team. Yinghua had a session to introduce translation for newcomers. I hope more people will get involved in translation of GNOME and other FLOSS projects.

I was not a speaker for the conference. I hope that I’ll have a chance to give a talk at the next GNOME.Asia.

I really appreciate the Korean local community, all of the organizers of the GNOME.Asia summit, the sponsors, and the GNOME Foundation.