Wed 01 May 2002

  • Gin (drink): I made Zana a nice mixed drink for dinner tonight with some left over Chambord, and some Gin. She was somewhat tipsy as a result.

  • Gin (cards): After dinner, we determined that the drink aforementioned made Zana extraordinarily good at cards. She proceeded to kick my butt in Gin Rummy 287 – 0.

  • Zana: We’ve been married just over two years now. It’s been a wonderful 731 days.

  • gnome-vfs: Spent today playing with gnome-vfs. This could be such a cool library if we had someone to hack on it beyond just the maintenance that it gets. We need a cool daemon for a number of reasons. Any volunteers out there?

  • apps: Wrote the worlds ugliest app for Garrett today. He needed something to test themes with, so I through as many widgets as possible together.