Sun 26 May 2002

  • GNOME: I might have fixed a nautilus tree bug. I need to fix Drag and Drop. GNOME 2.0 is so close to being released. We only have nasty showstopper bugs left.

  • experience: In software, we often say “write it once intending to throw it away.” After spending a few months working on a workbench, I would like to redo all the holes I have drilled. I needed to do the joints first, and then do the large holes for the supporting legs. I’ve also learned that being off by an 1/8″ is way to much for a lot of things. I need to be more careful. I also need a workbench to build this on.

  • passings: Stephen Jay Gould died this past week. The two and a half years of Biology in college is largely a testament to his writings. Thanks for the inspiration.

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