Sun 25 Aug 2002

  • work: Been a really hectic month. I’ve been working 12-15 hour days the last month or so on the next Red Hat release. It’s somewhat therapeutic to go through a bug list, and just close as many as you can. On the flip side, these hours are getting very old. Zana’s been very heroic putting up with it, but we both are going to need to take a break after this.

  • Void/Limbo: The beta’s have been surprisingly well recieved, a few small flame wars aside. The things that we expected to get flamed on (UTF-8, new gcc/glibc etc) were not remarked on. Everyone seems to get worked up about the pixels. On one of our testers list, there’s a thread complaining about us making GNOME look like KDE. On another, there’s a thread about us making KDE look like GNOME. People are also complaining that we’re copying Windows XP and OS/X. Maybe we’re doing something right, if we’ve riled up this many people.

  • bookworm: I have no time to work on it, unfortunately. I need to port it over to use the pgdb module, and clean up the UI a bit. Zana has been pestering me to finish the ‘Add Book’ druid so she can actually use it. Need to finish the next RH release…

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