Thu 14 Aug 2003

  • meta (ChangeLog): With some help from James Henstridge, I changed the way I generate the html for this site. He wrote a nifty python iterator that reads a ChangeLog file and yields its constituent parts. This made it much easier (and cleaner) to create the html. Also, as it’s the trendy thing to do, I now have an rss feed at

  • meta ( I could not get DSL at my new house, so am stuck connecting to the Internet over a cable modem. I’m not really happy with this and miss Speakeasy. The cable modem has terrible upload bandwidth, though download seems to be faster than my old connection ever was. The biggest downside thus far, is that I can’t host content reliably on my server anymore. I’ve had to move a lot of the services at to We’ll see how that works out over the long run.

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