Sun 06 Nov 2005

November 6, 2005

  • vote: As a reminder, there’s very little time left to vote. I voted No. Board size is being blamed for a lot of things, none of which are solved by cutting down on manpower. It’s not going to affect things one way or another, other than make the board less diverse.

  • 770: My Nokia 770 arrived on Thursday. I’ve been playing with it off and on since then. It’s really nice from the big picture, but is a bit raw in this incarnation. I can’t help but compare it to my sidekick, which fills a lot of the same functionality that the maemo has.

  • 770 (things I didn’t like): Given that they owned the hardware, I’m really surprised they didn’t include a scrollwheel of some kind. It would have made browsing that much better. It’s a little on the slow side too. I’m hoping that later versions will have a better processor. The lack of tooltips (which isn’t surprising with a touch screen) meant that I couldn’t figure out what any of the icons did in toolbars. There were a bunch of other small things, but I’ll bugzilla them.

  • 770 (things I liked): as everyone else has remarked, the screen had an amazing resolution! The color is a bit off on whites, but text is very readable. They got some very nice fonts for this device. I’d heard that the battery life was poor, so was actually pleasantly surprised with how long it lasted.

    In the long run, I could see dropping the sidekick in favor of a bluetooth-enabled phone and a maemo. Right now, it’s perfect for doing crosswords, and reading the news at breakfast.