Thu 17 Feb 2005

  • Road Warrior: I’ve been out of town for over three weeks. I went to Hawaii for the FSG Accessibility conference, and then flew to Hong Kong to visit Zana’s family for a week. We followed that up with a weeklong vacation in Japan. It was a huge blast, and I visited a lot of great places and tried a lot of really tasty food. I won’t bore people with a giant travelogue; at least not today. But I had an awesome time and would love to go back again in the future.

  • Network Warrior: During this trip, I flew nine different legs, visited nine different airports, and stayed in four hotels. Through out the travel, NetworkManager worked like a champ. I have spent too much of my life fiddling with networks on Linux, it was refreshing to not worry about getting my laptop working. I was always able to find an access point and select it, or to plug in a cable to get a network. Many kudos to Dan for making NetworkManager so useful.

  • LWE: I went to LWE yesterday. I hadn’t been to one in over a year, and it was pretty much like the all the other ones I’d seen. It was pretty exciting to see such vibrant booths for both GNOME and Fedora, and was good to see old and new faces. Luis’s live CD was really popular and was a great idea! We are definitely going to have to have these ready at future events and at release time.

    One thing I’m reminded of everytime I go to one of these things is how hard it is to name a new company and product. There were a lot of mediocre names with booths at the show. I’m positive that I wouldn’t be able to do much better than most of the efforts there (AisleRiot anyone?) but some names were really awful sounding.

  • evince: On the fourteen hour flight from Tokyo to DC, I added support to evince to make best-fit “sticky”. It’s a little slow but it really improves the feel of the application. It also shows that we need to move to use a threaded rendering system sooner rather than later. Once that’s done though, we can add the continuous scrolling support we need so badly.