Sat 12 Jun 2004

June 12, 2004

  • bingo: Zana and I have been playing Wind Waker again for the last couple of weeks. We have been trying to get every single item in the game, and are tantalizingly close. We have believe we have done everything except take a picture of Puppet Gannon. Unfortunately, we can’t think of any way to get his picture back to the figurine maker. So close, and yet so unsatisfying.

  • python: Due to my misunderstanding the docs for os.path.isdir(), I blew away Owen’s /bin directory this week. Fortunately rsync is in /usr/bin and we were able to recover it. Look out, I’m a dangerous man!

Tue 08 Jun 2004

June 8, 2004

  • python: In python, os.path.join has a somewhat unexpected behavior. For example:

    os.path.join (‘/tmp’, ‘foo’) => ‘/tmp/foo’

    os.path.join (‘/tmp’, ‘/foo’) => ‘/foo’

    Consider the following example code:

    os.system (‘rm -rf ‘ + os.path.join (chroot_path, ‘/dev’))


  • python (update): A better way to do this is to do:

    os.path.normpath (chroot_path + os.path.sep + subpath)

Wed 01 Oct 2003

October 1, 2003

  • Bookworm: Did a lot more work on this tonight. Found a tricky little bug in that I have now fixed. I feel like I could have done a nicer job of the overall design in places, but I’m pretty happy with how the code is looking. I got it so that adding a new person to the database through the UI completely works. Next is to finish off a Person/Job linking dialog and to finish dehydrating the new book dialog. Then Zana can start adding books. But as I have a release team meeting in seven hours, I’m not going to finish tonight.

  • Python: Gosh, the combination of python/glade/gtk+ is really nice to work with. I wonder why no-one has written a book on this. I wonder if glade is the weak point here — it’s interface has something be desired. Still, this would be quite a useful book to have. It would bring a lot of development to GNOME.