Mon 29 May 2006

  • presents: Sometimes the dog decides to bring me a present. Tonight, it was a very dead bird at two in the morning…

Sat 27 May 2006

  • whoops: Things you don’t want to hear your plumber say:

    “Can you run downstairs really fast and make sure that there’s no water coming out of the ceiling. I’m not kidding!”

  • SoC: We ended up getting some excellent Summer of Code applicants this year. I’m mentoring the forms in evince project. It looks like it will be a lot of fun to complete. Over all, there were three SOC projects accepted to work on poppler. Two were in the GNOME camp, and one was a KDE project, and all three require modifying the PDF file.

Mon 08 May 2006

  • back to work: I have 1309 unread messages in my inbox. If one of them is yours, please be patient. I’ll try to get to it soon.

Mon 08 May 2006

  • Eleanor: Eleanor’s stub fell off today! That means that she now has a belly button, and more importantly, can now graduate to the (better fitting) size one diapers. She is also gaining weight well, and is past her birthweight.

    Also, she is wide awake right now. I hope she can sleep tonight.

  • SOC: There is less than a day left to get your summer of code proposal in. See the timeline here, and submit if you want to participate. We have a good list so far, but there’s always room for more.

Sun 30 Apr 2006

  • life: Eleanor is now over a week old, and is absolutely perfect! She has even started to sleep a little longer at night. Unfortunately for us, night for her seems to be from eight PM through four AM. Still, she is developing well and is gaining weight.

  • httpd: Every time I touch mod_rewrite, I end up regretting it.

  • printing: I saw that John did an initial port of gedit to the new printing work in GTK+. It didn’t look too painful all things considering, and I hope that other projects will also take the time to try the port.

  • evince: I got a pretty enthusiastic proposal to do an evince SoC project. They wanted to tackle annotations and implement bookmarks, along the lines of the mockup Bryan and Diana did last summer. Hopefully it well be accepted.

  • /nick: jrb_afk is now known as jrb_tired

Thu 20 Apr 2006

  • meta: Again, a long time between updates. This time, it’s because I moved blogging software again. Instead of my own, crufty, home-grown software, I decided to use Federico‘s home-grown, crufty software. But Federico’s uses emacs, which gives it pretty good style points.

Tue 31 Jan 2006

  • life: It’s been too long since I’ve written something. The usual excuses apply. I basically have no time, anymore, for anything.

  • ridley: While not strictly ridley related, I was excited to see that Kris wrote a patch for the TreeView that let you select by rubberbanding. We are still not sure how this will interact with drag-and-drop in existing code, but it looks really promising.

    I also found James Cape’s eggcellent EggIconChooser widget in libegg. He did much of the work last summer, but I hadn’t seen it before. I don’t think the categories are right, but I love the embedded file chooser! I put up a little video of it being used here:

    Also, istanbul is pretty nice!

  • evince: I haven’t had much time to work on this lately. I did do some work on making poppler use gtk-doc over Christmas, and more recently added attachment support to the glib bindings. I haven’t added the necessary evince bits yet, though that should be easy.

    I am also realizing that I don’t have time to finish the transition code like I hoped I would. It’s a pity, as this was a pretty fun piece of code to write. If anyone wants to pick this up, let me know, and I’ll give them a run-down of what I started. It’s a great way to get involved with evince.

  • ekiga: I’m going to be the latest to jump on the ekiga bandwagon. They’ve done a really nice job of the latest release, and nailed the firewall interaction. I still have no idea how to pronounce the name, but they did a great thing with

  • rusty: My family’s dog passed away this weekend. He was a very sweet dog, and lived for almost seventeen years. We all miss him terribly.

Tue 13 Dec 2005

  • colors: The GTK+ team closed #114355 recently. This is pretty good stuff, as it lets us set the colors of themes independent of the theme itself. It’s been needed for a really long time, and they did a good job of it. Some details:

    (expressions): Whenever you need to specify a color in a GTK+ RC file, you can use an expression. Currently we have:

    mix (factor, color1, color2) shade (factor, color) lighter (color) darker (color)

    Lighter and darker are just shorthand for shade with factors of 1.3 and 0.7. You can also combine these, eg:

    bg[NORMAL] = mix (0.6, “Red”, shade (0.5, #1013ff))

    (symbolic): In a style, you can declare symbolic colors. For example:

    color[“link-color”] = “Red”

    The symbolic colors can be used in color expressions as ‘@link-color’, and they are inherited along the style hierarchy.

    (System definition): We added an XSetting to let the desktop define specific symbolic colors, so that we can override the theme. We will also tie it to a GConf key as well. This can be done by property dialogs, or applets, or whatever is needed.

    The XSetting is called “Gtk/ColorScheme”. There is a patch in bugzilla to make gnome-settings-daemon map that to the GConf key /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_color_scheme.

    There is also a gtk_style_lookup_color() call to get the symbolic color.

  • colors (remaining): There are a few things left to be done.

    1. We don’t have a list of symbols defined yet. We’re planning on doing this prior to GTK+ 2.10 being released.

    2. We don’t have any property dialogs written. They’re planned, but not implemented yet. It’s really easy to hook up a color button to the properties, a little bit harder to do a nice job.

    3. We need a way for rc files to define defaults for symbolic colors. Also, it would be nice to define a default color scheme in the metatheme file.