I’m attending Open Help 2015!

I’m going to spend the upcoming five days in Ohio, Cincinnati at the Open Help Conference & Sprints 2015. (Read more on Shaun McCance’s event at https://conf.openhelp.cc/.)

What are my goals?

To attend the conference talks to learn more about:

  • AsciiDoc, the lightweight markup language;
  • Ducktype and Mallard;
  • a sociotechnical system (MDN), developer documentation, and development of a community;
  • docs failures and the ways to avoid them.

To actively participate in the GNOME Hackfest to:

  • assist to improve the content of the GNOME docs upstream project;
  • improve my practical writing skills and docs planning.

What are my expectations?

  • Number of culture shocks as this is my very first time outside Europe (Experienced a number of them already on my way here: Czech Republic (Brno) –> Austria (Vienna) –> The Netherlands (Amsterdam) –> Minnesota (Minneapolis) –> Northern Kentucky (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport) –> Ohio (Cincinnati).)
  • From the professional point of view, new perspectives, new ideas, new docs formats, new and well-known faces, familiar and new topics, lively discussions, collaboration and sharing!

I’d like to thank the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my attendance to this conference. I’d especially like to thank Shaun McCance, for his enthusiasm and power to bring the community people together!



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