Vala and D-Bus

I finally started blogging as some people seem to be interested in what’s going on in Vala land. Now to the topic: Vala and D-Bus. It’s really easy to use D-Bus services from Python, compared to C. There is no reason why it should be more difficult to use D-Bus services from Vala, so I’ve just committed experimental D-Bus bindings to Vala SVN. You don’t need any formal specification of the D-Bus service to get started, just get the object and call methods or connect to signals with the correct parameters. It also supports async method calls with a simple callback system. Future versions will support and recommend static checking against a supplied D-Bus introspection file, currently the compiler just assumes that you know what you’re doing. I’ve added a simple example using the Pidgin D-Bus interface to the wiki.

3 thoughts on “Vala and D-Bus”

  1. Hello Jürg.

    Vala excites me! Thank you for working on and now blogging about it!

  2. Wow. That’s awesome – i was just starting to play with vala today because philip mentioned it in his blog . And i was wondering if i could use it to simplify writing some tomboy dbus stuff i’ve been playing with lately – in plain c – so i know it’s kind of a pita.
    And then you come up with this. Perfect timing for me… Looking forward to start coding… (still at work).

    Thanks. Looks like this might really start to rock.

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