Vala Project Generator

Vala 0.1.5 has been released. Tarballs are available from the GNOME FTP servers. I’ve added a small tool to create new Vala projects:

Vala Project Generator

It generates the necessary autotools magic for a Vala console or GTK+ application including i18n support and it passes distcheck. Suggestions for improvements are more than welcome.

We’ve also replaced the bindings generator gidlgen by vala-gen-introspect which includes a real C parser instead of Perl scripts using regular expressions. The 20 included bindings have all been ported. Some smaller features and many bug fixes can also be found in the new release.

There are two articles about Vala and an interview in the German Linux-Magazin, all by Christian Meyer.

10 thoughts on “Vala Project Generator”

  1. @Johannes: This makes sense when we have some basic Vala support in Anjuta. I’d like to help but I should first take care of documenting Vala.

    @Raphael: It’s called vala-gen-project. You have to run configure with –enable-gen-project as it’s not built by default currently.

  2. Hi Jürg,

    Congrats to you and all vala team. This sounds very cool. Anjuta-vala support would be very cool for Anjuta 2.4 Tornado !

    Kind regards,

  3. I hope the app. generator also generate a basic glade file with a menubar, toolbar, status bar and an main area and code to load the glade file.

    It will be great if the generator also setup the gconf so people can have the application save preferences from the start.

    It’s really become tedious to repeat all those same steps when create new applications.

  4. @dio: I haven’t checked that recently but it should build with MinGW and Visual Studio. It’s also available in Cygwin ports.

  5. Hi, i haved some problems, and i solved editing the file valaprojectgenerator.vala in lines
    196: FileUtils.get_contents (“/usr/share/automake/INSTALL”, out s);
    196: FileUtils.get_contents (“/usr/share/automake-1.9/INSTALL”, out s);
    and line:
    201: license_filename = “/usr/share/automake/COPYING”;
    201: license_filename = “/usr/share/automake-1.9/COPYING”;
    and finaly can run this program.
    PD: i have installed in my machine Ubuntu 7.10 on amd64 ;), i am starting programming in gnome and consider make an litle documentation over continue editing this files for make my own project …. tutorial …

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