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  1. @Maciej,

    Mono. It’s about Mono. This whole thing is childish. I wish one of the two sides would just stop this whole back and forth. All we’re doing is removing any thread of credibility that we once had. I try posting reason on the pro-mono blogs, I try posting reason on the anti-mono blogs, it doesn’t matter both sides just won’t quit till everyone is laughing at FOSS in general.

    My stance is, since I don’t want to come off too self-righteous, Mono is fine. If something happens, it happens. If it doesn’t then, it doesn’t. It’s not like Mono is the core of Linux desktops and even if it did and Mono was yanked…It’s not the first set back that someone has suffered.

    I understand where the anti-Mono people stand. It’s not about platforms or anything like that. It’s about the message that the pro-Mono people are sending about pure GPL software. Software with no questions or uncertainties. One day we might get there, but for the time being we don’t live in that world, flash still rules, 3rd party drivers provide the best 3D support, etc…

    One day we will get there but it won’t be any time soon if we devote so much time to childish things like this or the boycott Novell site.

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