Finally BSc. And moved to Amsterdam.

Well the hard work over the last 1.5 years has finally paid off. As far as I know I have fulfilled all requirements for my BSc degree (in Computer Science). The new thesis for this turned out to be quite an interesting work dealing with a supercomputer cluster and DNA data (titled “Distributed approaches for discovering unique factors in the human genome”). When you search for unique substrings in DNA data, the amount of data you get in return is quite amazing. Another cool thing was that I finally got to play with MPI.

Right now I am working on the last bits for my MSc degree (did a lot of work in parallel with finishing my BSc already). In one of the last projects I am having fun with SQL parsers and LLVM. LLVM seems very interesting. Hope to have this all done before the summer.

Since my move to Amsterdam I am without Internet connection at home. It is very weird (and actually bloody annoying) to be without Internet at home, and that already for 3 weeks … I hope these people will get their act together soon. Fortunately I am still a student and Universities have pretty decent wireless ;)