Merged “treemodel-fix” branch into GTK+: call for testing, blog post series

Over the last few months I have been working on a “treemodel-fix” branch, which I just merged into GTK+ as announced on gtk-devel-list. Two commits in February of this year touched the row-deleted handling of GtkTreeModelFilter and GtkTreeModel:row-deleted documentation (0c3da06 and f632956). When exactly GtkTreeModel:row-deleted should be emitted has always been a nasty inconsistency amongst models (I wrote about it in May 2007, which turned out to be wrong), so my interest was sparked into really trying to understand this inconsistency and how to fix it.

This resulted in the “treemodel-fix” branch, which I could only start working on in May this year. After I finally solved the GtkTreeModel:row-deleted issue for real (details will be in my next blog post), I decided it would be good to also solve problems in another area which has never been 100% clear to me: reference counting GtkTreeModelSort and GtkTreeModelFilter. I brought these under unit test and fixed any issue I could find, which took much longer than I expected. And finally, after adding quite some unit tests, I now dared to review and apply a couple of GtkTreeModelSort/GtkTreeModelFilter patches which were waiting in Bugzilla.

The code is now in the master branch and will end up in GTK+ 3.2. For heavy users of GtkTreeModelSort/Filter, this would be a good time to test your code against GTK+ from master and report any regressions you may encounter. If things look good, I will consider merging the branch in GTK+ 2.24 as well in 1 to 2 months from now.

It has been 9 years since I first started working on GtkTreeModelSort and GtkTreeModelFilter. Finally having the feeling that you fully understand what is going in these pieces of code is an interesting one after so many years ;) To make sure this knowledge does not get lost, I wrote extensive documentation containing most of what I’ve learned in the last months, which has been committed as part of the branch (see files gtktreemodel.c, gtktreemodelfilter.c, gtktreemodelsort.c). I will also run a series of blog posts on the matter, covering:

  • The real story behind GtkTreeModel::row-deleted
  • Reference counting in GtkTreeModel
  • Improved performance in GtkTreeModelSort and GtkTreeModelFilter
  • Limitations on visible functions in GtkTreeModelFilter

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  1. Not immediately, my focus is on fixing regressions first — this is something that can easily be done outside of GTK+, since the only thing you have to do is emit the row-changed signal for the affected rows.

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