Building LibreOffice with Clang

Last week I attended the first LibreOffice conference in Paris together with the Lanedo LibreOffice hackers. Lionel Dricot gives a nice summary of the buzz at the conference in his latest blog post.

I figured I had to put the new crazy-fast machine Lanedo bought me to use at this conference, so I decided to attempt to build LibreOffice using Clang on Mac OS X. My expectation was that this would be too large a task for a single weekend, but to my surprise I managed to get to a completed build during the very last minutes of the conference. Unfortunately, the resulting executable crashes on start up :) So there’s still some work to be done.

The patches that were needed to complete the build have been submitted and I wrote up a wiki page about the remaining issues. See the mailing list post and the “Building LibreOffice with Clang” wiki page.

In the near future, I hope to fix things so that the resulting executable will actually launch and work correctly. Also, it should be interesting to try to compile LibreOffice using Clang on Linux (faster builds! warnings that a human can actually understand!).

Just like the LibreOffice conference, this tiny project has been good fun :)