Full to the Brim

Wow, this is really unexpected. Next week me and Flavia Weisghizzi will have a workshop about Ubuntu and business at SMAU 2010 in Milan, Italy and… it seems that seats are running out. So, if you like to join us, make sure to be quick 🙂

SMAU could be a hard audience for open source, at least from a community point of view. We’re ready to talk and speak and slide about FLOSS, women in FLOSS, open formats, Firefox, Webkit, GNOME, Ubuntu, and even KDE or Fedora 😉 But usually our audience is people having interest in Linux on their own desktop. We don’t make business, we don’t sell products, we don’t set up servers, we don’t manage large deployments.

We can just state “ehi, it works and you can find your own marketplace in this universe“. I think propose GNOME/Ubuntu to non-nerd people will be a great and stimulating challenge for my own communication skills

Of course, as you know, sharing is caring, so… if you have some good idea or topic to explore, let us know.

PS a message for the crew: Lapo and Cosimo you do have to be in Siena on Friday 22 October 🙂
PPS see also #smau10Mi

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  1. Hi, I hope you’ll be blogging the results of your experience. I have been made a proposition to do a series of talks on FLOSS to a small business community in my city and I am in need of good material to be able to convince them of the benefits.

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