Gnome-Mud 0.11.2 in the Wild

Well a scant 11 days have passed since the release of Gnome-Mud 0.11.1 so this is some kind of record for the project.   This release focuses on stability and code quality.  You’ll find  this release of GnomeMud to be very stable and we plugged many memory leaks so it runs leaner than ever as well.  The big fix for this release will be our handling of locale’s and character sets which will now work properly in any combination of user and server locale.

Also, if you found MCCP support to be a bit slow in 0.11.1 we made a key optimization in our decompression routine which speeds it up quite a bit.

Basically this is a solid point release.  It fixes alot of bugs and gets the project set to start looking at 0.12.  If something big comes up we’ll look into rolling out a 0.11.3 release but the plan now is 0.12 ahoy!

To see the full list of changes visit our wiki page and download the new release and check it out!