February 25, 2004

I’ve been really taken by surprise at how my motivation has jumped
hugely with the move to Red Hat. I’m even enjoying things like bugzilla
work, packaging and release-team stuff these days. Clearly, this can’t
last. And I’ve got to get back hacking on things like Vino soon …

GNOME 2.6 looks like its pretty much on track. Things like the gtk+
schedule and the constant string freeze breakage has given the release
team the heebie jeebies somewhat, but after our irc meeting last night
I’m feeling pretty confident the release will come out without any huge

Alex and I have been updating the GNOME packages in Fedora Core to the
latest GNOME Beta ones. Hopefully, by the time FC2 test2 goes into devel
freeze on Friday we’ll have most of the packages updated. A big priority
is to get the new file selector out to the Fedora testing masses, so
I’m going to update gtk+/atk/pango/glib to the latest today. Also going
to shove the little gnome-netstatus applet in too :-)