Terminal Services Prototype

After a couple of weeks work Caolan
and I have gotten together a prototype for a VNC based terminal services system which
also supports hotdesking. More details


This is all part of a bigger plan to use VNC for the four different “remote desktop”
uses cases I think we have in GNOME:

  • Terminals (a.k.a. thin clients) which display your desktop running on a
    terminal server
  • Remote administration – allowing sysadmins to remotely help a user having
    difficulties with their desktop
  • Remote access – you’re at home and you need to do something on your machine
    in work like save a document you’d forgotten to save or something.
  • Collaboration – a colleague in another office is working on a CAD drawing and
    he wants to demonstrate some of his ideas while talking to you on the phone
    about it

I’ll post more of the technical details of how this should all work. Right now,
though, I need to go for a few pints and get away from this stuff :-)