Evolution Mail Account LDAP Backend For GConf

(Jaysus, thats a very long name for a few hundred lines of

I’ve just finished hacking on what was a really interesting little
project. Basically, its a GConf backend which uses information in
the user’s LDAP entries to generate the mail account configuration for
Evolution. The idea is that if you’ve a large number of users, all you
have to do is stick each user’s email address, incoming mail server and
outgoing mail server in her LDAP entry and Evolution should just
magically work.

I’m really happy with how well this thing turned out. I mean, it
actually works, it didn’t take much code, there wasn’t anything
lurking in GConf or Evo waiting to stab me in the back … and, most
of all, it should actually be very useful.

The code is in evolution-gconf-ldap-backend
in GNOME CVS and more details are in the README.

What’s more, Dave Malcolm has also written some cool
to solve the same problem, but without LDAP.