I’ve been been doing a lot of work changing Sabayon around so that the list of changes you make in the prototype session aren’t displayed within the prototype session itself. I think it makes a lot more sense.

Lots of work still remains to get the changes list someway usable given the limited space, though. I may have to get jrb to rescue me.

3 thoughts on “Sabayon”

  1. That’s the way I first did it but there’s not enough room on the screen, basically … you’ll get like 2 or three changes visible. Tried making the session smaller but things like the theme preferences dialog don’t fit …

  2. Ah. Not an easy one. Maybe use a cell renderer with two lines of text, with the first line saying something like “GConf Key Changed” (bold) and the second line showing the key. And similary for changed files.

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