xscope is so damn useful.

Here’s a patch to make it support the SHAPE extension. It’d be really good to get this thing into freedesktop.org and so people can hack on it to make it sane.

I should try out Soeren’s gtk xscope wrapper.

I’m not sure what’s the best way to build the thing, but if you check it out from keithp’s CVS and do:

$> imake -I/cvs/xorg/config/cf
$> make

then it seems to build just fine if you remove the malloc() prototype in common.c. Of course, if you have a space between the -I and the path to the xorg build on the imake command line, then you could find yourself spending a long time trying to figure out wtf is wrong.

Oh, yeah, one final tip. xscope is a proxy Xserver. So, when you connect your app to xscope, Xlib goes looking in ~/.Xauthority for an xauth cookie to use when authenticating. Because xscope has a different display number from the parent display, though, you need to use xauth to setup the cookie for this display number too. So, assuming the parent display is :0 and xscope is :1, you can do:

$> xauth list | grep '/unix:0' | while read display proto cookie; do xauth add ${display%0}1 $proto $cookie; done

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  1. thank you so much for your last tip !!! Now Android is working fine !!
    ok, I’m not what one could call a Linux black belt..anyway, you saved my day of work.

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