3 thoughts on “GNOME Startup Time Analysis”

  1. Why, it’s obvious! The analysis wasn’t mentioned anywhere because it hasn’t been written yet — the “last updated date” explicitly says 2005-10-19, i.e. two weeks from now. It’s only some glitch in the space-time continuum that lets us peek at this not-written-yet document now.

  2. Yes yes yes! I wish I was a coder as I think a lot of work needs to go into Gnome memory and I/O optimisation. The underlying [Linux Unix] kernel and filesystems are blindingly fast but once Gnome is stacked on top a fast system suddenly seems inadequate.

    Given that a lot of target installations for Gnome are recycled PCs this is clearly not ideal!

    Having said that I do love Gnome and use it exclusively on all of my computers, an am optimistic for its future.

  3. Ok, ok, cut me some slack, I have a paper deadline on Sunday and my sense of time is rather flexible at the moment! :)

    I’ll be at the GNOME summit in Boston though, hacking on this. So if anyone wants to ping me / work with me there, feel free!

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