Today, Eoghan Glynn and I announced the first milestone release of a REST API for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.

The only current API for RHEV-M is a Windows Powershell plugin which provides a perfectly fine scripting interface for RHEV-M on Windows, but isn’t so easy to call remotely or to integrate with another application. By adding a REST API, we’re adding an integration interface which we hope everyone will find convenient to use.

If you have a 2.2 installation of RHEV-M, it’s a quick and painless process to download our distribution, deploy the WAR to an Java EE application server (e.g. JBoss EAP or AS) and play around with our Apache Felix Karaf based shell. You can also read the API reference guide and jump on our mailing list to give us feedback.

RHEV-M isn’t yet an open-source project, so we’ve had to put a lot of effort into making it possible to develop this REST API in the open. We’ve concentrated our initial efforts on API design and building a prototype implementation of the API on top of the Powershell interface in 2.2. However, in time for the next release of RHEV-M, our plan is to add a compatible implementation of the API directly to the RHEV-M backend. At that time, the API will be a fully supported part of the product.

If you care about integrating with RHEV-M, now is the time to get involved with the API project. While the API is already quite well defined, there is buckets of scope for design changes and adding new features. And, most of all, we want your help!

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