MariaDB in Fedora

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It looks like after a 7-0 vote by the Fedora Engineering Steering Comittee, MariaDB will replace MySQL in F19.

No word from the Monty Program crew yet, but congrats to them, especially Colin Charles, and the Fedora community, especially Jaroslav Reznik and Honza Horak.

Rain Parade – This Can’t Be Today

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Don’t know if it’s nice today,
I don’t go out much any more these days.
Didn’t care for the things you said
but they just don’t seem to leave my head.
Last night I saw a little girl fly,
but she couldn’t look me in the eye.
Strained to laugh but I had to cry.
I never thought I could ask her, “Why?”
If this is all a dream, well,
it won’t go away.
I only want to sleep.
This can’t be today.

An old favorite.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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What’s Next?

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Just a heads-up that today, October 12, is my last official working day at Monty Program. The change is bittersweet. Bitter because I will very much miss working with a very talented team. Sweet because I leave with a real sense of accomplishment. Monty hired me 2.5 years ago to drive awareness of MariaDB and to start building a viable community around it. I think these goals have been met to a large degree.

While I have been using vacation days recently, I did follow the announcements by Oracle regarding new closed, commercial extensions. Almost universally in these discussions MariaDB is put forth as a fully Free, drop-in replacement. The Reddit comments on Monty’s blog post about this issue are a good example. Also, Monty, Colin, and I have noticed that over the past 6 months or so the, “What is MariaDB?” conversations, especially at conference booths, had dropped precipitously. It’s exceedingly gratifying to see that MariaDB is a known solution, and that the work around it is seen as a true project, rather than a corporate product distributed freely. People know the project. A community has really started to coalesce. This being the case, the inevitable, “So … what’s next?” conversation with Monty ensued, and neither of us had an answer at our fingertips. So it’s time for me to move on and find a new challenge.

I would definitely not be leaving Monty Program unless Colin was staying. There is a lot of work in community gardening, and Colin is a rock star. The “What’s next?” conversation with Monty did not have to include stewardship of the MariaDB community. If you have questions about what’s happening in MariaDB world, Colin is the person to find henceforth.

It’s been a great time working for Monty Program, and I wish them and the MariaDB project every success. Starting up a project and a community around critical LAMP plumbing was an extremely fun ride!

Remembering 9/11

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On the decade anniversary of one of the most horrific acts ever perpetrated by humans against other humans, I would like my fellow US citizens to reflect carefully upon these words, spoken by George Washington in his farewell address to the nation when voluntarily relinquishing the Presidency in the grand tradition of Cincinnatus:

Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all. Religion and morality enjoin this conduct; and can it be, that good policy does not equally enjoin it – It will be worthy of a free, enlightened, and at no distant period, a great nation, to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a people always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence. Who can doubt that, in the course of time and things, the fruits of such a plan would richly repay any temporary advantages which might be lost by a steady adherence to it?

MariaDB at LinuxCon North America

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I’m in Vancouver this week for the Linux Foundation’s annual North American conference.

Monty Program is once again a proud sponsor of LinuxCon, and as such we’ll have a table in the Technology Showcase (the equivalent of an Expo Hall). If you use, hack on, or are otherwise interested in MariaDB and/or MySQL, stop by and say hello! Also, be sure to attend Colin’s talk Friday at 1400!

It’s hard to believe we’re celebrating 20 years of the Linux kernel this year. Rock on!

A Folder Called Booty

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I read on bOING-bOING yesterday that the “LulzSec” group has decided to call it quits. I was extremely amused by their naming a directory of stolen information “booty.” I called dibs on naming my first nerdcore hip-hop album A Folder Called Booty. Without further ado, here are the lyrics to the title track, released under a CC (NC-BY-SA) license. Enjoy!

IRCing with my peeps over SSL.
Mega-corporations gonna give ’em hell.
Metasploit’s running and *ding* goes the bell,
Backdoor’s open ’cause we do it well.

Bouncing through TOR for our attack.
Think you’re secure? This our payback.
You think Norton helps?! That’s just whack.
You have a security fissure, not a tiny crack.

Penetration testing is a sacred duty.
Your MCSE save you? You’re thinkin’ fruity.
We’re in, we’re gone, we got your looty.
It’s now all stored in a folder called booty.

Law enforcement wants to put us in jail.
But what about “experts” full of total fail?
Unencrypted files, docs and your e-mail.
*TOOT TOOT* the Lulzboat is settin’ sail.

Your data is gone now the point is mooty.
‘Cause penetration testing is a sacred duty.
We’re in, we’re gone, we got your looty.
It’s now all stored in a folder called booty.

Anon, Lulz and other hacktivist groups,
Are showing you your problems, they’re not shock troops.
You can break in most servers faster than eating Froot Loops.
Now how low will law enforcement stoop?

You suck at security, don’t mean to sound snooty.
‘Cause penetration testing is a sacred duty.
We’re in, we’re gone, we got your looty.
It’s now all stored in a folder called booty.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been, associated with any group mentioned above. I do not condone illegal electronic acts, and will not ever commit them. These lyrics are written from a first-person perspective solely for artistic reasons. I am exceedingly grateful to live in a country with the inalienable right to free speech.

MariaDB 5.2.7 Released

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The release announcement for MariaDB 5.2.7 just went out, and the new packages for RHEL5 will please many. A complete changelog is available as are less detailed release notes. Go get your download on, and be sure to use our Debian/Ubuntu repositories if you swirl that way.

Percona Live NYC

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The next Percona Live event is this week, and in this time it’s in Manhattan! I’m grateful to Percona for giving me the opportunity to speak to attendees about current happenings in the MariaDB world. If you use SQL in the tri-state area, you should definitely consider getting yourself to Percona Live this Thursday.

See you there! And yes, yes … I’ll have black vodka.

MariaDB 5.2.6 Released

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I just sent an e-mail to the MariaDB announce list (a low-traffic list to which you should subscribe if you’re only interested in important news) the release announcement for MariaDB 5.2.6. The announcement has much more information, as do the release notes and changelog.

Much of the project’s focus over the past weeks has been on the 5.3 and 5.5 series, as beta releases are something we’d like to do very soon. Add to this the continued discussions of potential 5.6 work initially started in Lisbon and the MySQL Users’ Conference last month, and it’s a recipe for neglect of existing stable release trees. Thankfully this is not the case, and the tradition of providing meaningful updates to stable releases continues. Great job!

Speaking of the MySQL-UC, the Monty Program booth in the Expo Hall sold t-shirts and held an auction to raise money for relief efforts in Japan. After some time waiting for Direct Relief International to process payment, I am pleased to report that thanks to the generosity of UC attendees we were able to raise US$664.66 to donate toward the ongoing efforts to bring some sort of normalcy to the country. Thank you to everyone that donated. どうもありがとうございます!

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