All Nude DSL Action

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Qwest has announced plans to unbundle DSL service from regular phone service. This means that for many consumers in the northern US DSL broadband connectivity is no longer contingent upon a phone service contract. Forbes has the full story. We’ll see how this viral idea spreads to other host organisms.

Great news for us consumers. Go free markets!

“I Love You So Much It Hurts … When I Pee”

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Thanks to Undermac chum JFK for this tidbit. Seems the British government is raising the ante in the war on STDs this Valentine’s Day with a hard-hitting ad campaign. The Telegraph has the full story.

SomaFM Is K-Rad

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You can’t make this stuff up. I was looking at the SomaFM site and noticed something funny (click to see). I guess JeffK! listens to Groove Salad. You should listen to SomaFM too, you know.

Cicarella 2.0

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Got an e-mail from former co-worker and brother-from-another-mother Mike Cicarella. Seems that his wife is pregnant with their first child! Congratulations, Mikey!

Now, will you have the stones to name your kid like this guy did?


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Google is jumping headlong into the associative web community market (i.e.Friendster) with a new service called Orkut. It’s gonna be huge.

Right now it’s in beta, so going to the link isn’t going to be too rewarding an experience. The only way to get in is to be invited by an existing member. Soon enough, though…

Friendster has been hobbled by its popularity. At least, I hope it has. Site performance at Friendster is horrific, and has been for months. I have to hope it’s because of load and not inattention. With the wind of Google in their sails, Orkut suffers none of that. At least not yet. We’ll see how it scales, but I’ll bet they’ll do fine.

I’ve already found an issue where I cannot post karma info for people with Safari and need to use Firebird. That needs to be fixed before release, folks.

It’s been fun poking around the past day or two, despite it being flaky at times. It’s like Friendster, but without the suck. I’m surprised by how many people I know are in on the beta. I’d invite you all, but that’s not in the spirit of things. No blanket invitations.

Watch for an Orkut invite, or announcement of its release. This thing will be massive. As friend Scot’s blog remarked last week, “If Google can do for social networking and blogging what they’ve done for search, and once their web services APIs become available to developers, they’re going to become the unstoppable internet platform.”


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GarageBand has some interesting loops. I was mucking about with them and found that I could recreate the theme from Snatch with built-in loops in about 3 minutes.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Here’s the recipe.

  • Percussion Combo 8
  • Upright Funk Bass 17
  • Shaker 8
  • Club Dance Beat 54
  • Far East Drums 1

Still don’t believe me? Can’t run GarageBand? Too lazy? Click here to play.

Mix liberally and add chilled over an overly litigious attorney and there’s a recipe for disaster.

I hope Guy Ritchie is an Apple fan.

And since DK is curious, this was made on a G4 500 with 384MB of RAM.