Deedle Hawk

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Squeeps is our pet cinnamon pearl cockatiel. She’s a little treasure. Very affectionate, very gentle and truly a part of our family. But she’s demanding of our attention. Kristine and I are the only “flock” she has ever known, and when we leave her line of sight she gets quite agitated. And noisy. A bit too noisy. It’s not her fault, this is her genetic programming. But something had to give.

This weekend the Rose City Exotic Bird Club had one of their frequent shows at the Hillsboro Fairgrounds. Kristine and I have been to them many times before. We decided that it was time to consider getting another bird to keep Squeeps company and give her other members of the flock to dote upon.

While I had no expectations, I really wanted to find an albino ‘tiel. I think they’re gorgeous. We walked around the show, but the only bird that reacted really strongly to me was a dusky Pionus parrot. US$400. No way.

I briefly entertained the idea of a green-cheeked conure (great birds), but it would be unable to share Squeeps’ cage. When I went to the Bird Club’s booth to ask about conure behavior, I mentioned in passing to one of the women that I was really looking for an albino ‘tiel. Cue kamma.

This woman, a charming and knowledgable lady named Susan Hahn, said she was a ‘tiel breeder, and was liquidating her aviary prior to her move to Panama. She had an albino. Not only that, I got a much better vibe off her than any of the other vendors.

Kristine and I went to her home this evening to meet “Deedle,” her albino ‘tiel. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Bad news? Deedle has a lifelong cage-mate named “Little Hawk” that would have missed her terribly. Good news? “Little Hawk” and Kristine took to each other instantly. Or faster.

Welp, short story long, we’re now a three ‘tiel home. Kristine says she wanted to get Little Hawk because, “she couldn’t bear to break up the cage mates.” Umm … BS. She wanted Hawk because she stole Kristine’s heart in about .0005 nanoseconds.

Both Deedle and Little Hawk are females, so we don’t have to worry about becoming breeders. My first impression is that Deedle is a little more stand-offish, but probably bonds more deeply than Hawk over time. Little Hawk is just a gregarious flirt. And loves Kristine. Hawk is definitely her bird. We’ll see how accurate my assessment is soon enough.

Susan gave us a great price on the birds, and was almost weeping as we left, which makes me feel good about the treatment her birds have received. She obviously loves them very much. And it also makes me feel good that they’re coming to our home, where birds own monkeys instead of vice-versa.

Welcome Deedle and Little Hawk! Without further ado, let proud Daddy show off!


Little Hawk


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In this life there is the family into which you are born and the family you later choose. Almost 20 years ago I met one of my chosen brothers, Christopher Cook. Chris is intelligent, funny, caring and deeply committed to his beliefs. All qualities I look for in a friend.

Last year Chris honored me by asking me to serve as best man at his wedding. Being unwilling to meet for the first time the woman he had chosen as his mate at their wedding, Kristine and I visited Chris and Judy at their home in LA. After meeting her, it’s hard to decide who got the better end of the deal. If there is a woman worthy of Chris, it’s Judy.

Yesterday Chris phoned me to inform me that Judy is pregnant with their first child. They have been trying for a child for some time, so this news is more than welcome; it is, indeed, somewhat overdue.

Congratulations to the Cooks. And, seeing that Judy is only a few weeks into her pregnancy, I want to send them some positive kamma. This is a delicate time in a woman’s pregnancy cycle, with nothing being assured. Please join me in sending them heartfelt best wishes and positive energy to ensure this little soul successfully joins the best parents one could hope for.

Microsoft Targets Kashmiri Imam Bitches

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cNet property ran a great story today about Microsoft’s inability to adequately research their target audiences. Entitled How Eight Pixels Cost Microsoft Millions it is an extremely interesting read. Germans have a word for this, lustigmacabre. “Lustig” means funny. The rest you can guess. And this is nothing if not lustigmacabre. Especially amusing is the MS executive’s quote, “Some of our employees, however bright they may be, have only a hazy idea about the rest of the world.” If you mean “sheltered geeks with no social skills,” just say so. And a majority of users still trust this company to get things right. Why, exactly?

If you’re thinking you want to bail on Microsoft, KDE 3.3 was released today

Thanks to pal crarko for the heads-up on this article.

Spin Doctor

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Buddhism has been a religion and philosophy open to change and modification. I believe it’s one of its real strengths. Adaptable, malleable and able to reach people on their own terms. It’s one of the things that made me become a Buddhist. And every once in a while, I am reminded of just how open to modernization Buddhism truly is. And this new prayer wheel technology is just too cool. Amazing. I’ll take ten of them, please.