The Batgun

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The Batgun.

Or, “when product design has no review committee.”

We Interrupt This Silence

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I know, I know. It’s been a danged long time since the last update. I wish I could report that there was some big piece of news that kept me from blogging. But that would be a lie. But here’s a quick run-down of what’s happened since my last entry.

  • Got the website for the Oregon Buddhist Vihara up and running.
  • Bhante Chandrasiri told me of his plan to open a new orphanage during his current trip to Sri Lanka (he’s doing damage assessment and coordinating relief efforts). He asked me to serve on the Board of Directors for the orphanage. Honored, and somewhat bewildered, I accepted.
  • Put up with another bout of herpetic keratitis in my eye. Been subjected to one of these bouts every few years since 1973. All is well.
  • Dealing with a nasty head cold that is still wreaking havoc in my sinuses. That Dyson guy should invent some sorta nostrilvac.
  • Joined the sysadmin team over at the GNOME Foundation. Love the GUI environment, figured I’d give something back as I can. Use GNOME. Yes, that’s a shameless plug.

So that’s it. Nothing amazingly cool, sorry. Now I’m just sitting here IRCing, doing a little admin work on and listening to The Ocean Blue, a band you should check out (iTMS) if you haven’t heard of them.