The Arrival Of Alba

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Congratulations to my former office-mate Tanya and her suave husband Dave on the birth of their first child, a pretty little girl named Alba.

If I know Tanya, Alba’s first words will be in Quenya, she’ll learn to knit really cool hats by the age of 3 and will end up being a very hip, spunky chick.

If I know Dave, Alba will have a great sense of humor, will be cooking tasty dishes by the age of 2 and will have facial hair. Well, maybe not that last one.

Congratulations, you guys! Be sure to keep her away from me lest my corrupting influence spoil her forever! :)

Fear And Loathing In Heaven

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RIP Hunter S. Thompson.

The original, uncompromising “gonzo journalist” met his death like he lived his life, on his terms. He was found in his Colorado home by his son Juan today, having committed suicide.

In a nation born of revolution, Thompson was a revolutionary. Perhaps the first “embedded journalist” (with the Hell’s Angels in the 60s) he redefined journalism. It has been said that he is generally regarded as the grandfather of the blogging movement. Certainly a man whose prose was as uncompromising as his mind, his life and his will. A true pioneer.

Hunter S. Thompson wrote about what he knew. And if he didn’t know it, he learned it so he could write about it. There are few people that will go to the extremes he did to ensure their voice speaks with the authority of actual experience.

You will be missed, sir. Pens down for a moment of silence.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Colonel Linux In The Conservatory With The Cluebat

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One of my biggest spelling pet peeves these days is “kernal.” As in “the Linux kernal.”

It’s kernel, people! K-E-R-N-E-L. Like a kernel of corn. Or the kernel of an idea.

Apparently it’s so bad at this point that feels the need to point the results for “kernal” to “kernel.” The word “kernal” doesn’t even exist in the English language. And yet so many people are getting this wrong that the reference books have to offset the stupidity.

How bad is it? It’s so bad that now the typo is appearing in official job postings. Nothing screams “we don’t know jack squat” like misspelling a basic word. Way to go, Volt. Good luck in your search.

Why not just call it “the Linux colonel” and complete the slow march toward illiteracy?

Robin Williams’ Pixar Spiritual

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Robin Williams riffed on Disney’s decision to drop Pixar (Boing-Boing) in a press junket-y confab for the upcoming film Robots. Sometimes Robin Williams is just annoying. Sometimes he crosses the line from “annoying blabbermouth” to “comedic genius.” I think he crossed that line here. More like vaulted over it and ran away cackling. Hilarious.

What were you thinking, Disney?

Thanks Garamond.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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And in unrelated news …

RIP Shiloh

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My father’s pet chocolate lab, Shiloh, was struck and killed by a car this morning. It seems to have been a quick, painless death. He found her broken body while it was still warm (in New Hampshire winter cold) and there was no breath of life. Small blessing, that.

The most egregious thing is that the driver didn’t even stop. No one came to the door. No one made sure she wasn’t suffering. It’s a sad testament to the state of humanity.

For the love of Pete, people. If you hit a pet animal with your car, stop your damned car. Make sure the animal isn’t suffering. Try and find the owner. It’s someone’s companion. Someone loves that animal. Treating it like a fallen leaf or wayward insect is just heartless.

Can’t say that when I was young I used to call Shiloh’s name. Or that when no one else would come Shiloh always came. But I wish she could have stayed.

Rest in peace, Shiloh. I hope Heaven is filled with soft chairs and slow squirrels.