Ian Clatworthy Howl-a-thon

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I was saddened to hear news today of the passing of Ian Clatworthy. Although I did not know Ian well, he was a great co-worker during my time at Canonical. Ian was fun, passionate, easygoing, affable and tolerant. He was also a great coder, and always ready to dive into bzr source to scratch user itches.

We all need to process news like this in our own ways, and sometimes just a good emotional release is in order. In all seriousness, today I remarked in #bzr

[mneptok] TODO: tonight when the moon is high in the sky, go and let loose a prolonged howl. think of igc.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I got a few “+1” sentiments. And that got me thinking …

Please do step outside in the darkness and give a howl at the moon for Ian. Especially if you’re an Ubuntu member with a blog syndicated to Planet Ubuntu. Then, write a blog post with just “Ian Howl +1!” as the content. Hopefully, together we can get Planet Ubuntu showing nothing but oddball Free Software people howling at the moon in tribute to a fallen comrade.

I didn’t know Ian well enough to say, “Ian would have wanted this,” but I did know him well enough to know he’d get a mighty big grin out of the idea.

So, without further ado …

Ian Howl +1!