Gnumeric’s solver was broken in HEAD and while fixing it, I
updated to the latest version of lp_solve.

Let me tell you, lp_solve is a prime example of how not to make
a library! It looks like there used to be a program and that it
was made into a library by removing main.

There is no concept of namespaces there. When you include the
relevant header file, you get everything used anywhere internally:
EQ, gcd, MALLOC, TRUE, is_int, and about 400-600
other identifiers.

You cannot isolate that problem to just where you use the header,
by the way, as static is practically usused.

I decided to throw a perl script at the problem and combine everything into one
gaint C file. All 44186 lines of it after pruning about 5000 lines.
The script adds tons of statics in the process,
renames the relevant part of the API, and extracts
that API. Extra points for you if you can read the perl script
without losing your breakfast.