Home Repair

It looks like every geographic area has its own version of duct tape
in the used-far-outside-its-intended-domain sense when it comes to
home repair.

In the neighbourhood of Home.1 it is paint. There is nothing that
cannot be fixed with an extra coat of paint. Door is scratched?
Paint it! Floor is not level? Paint it! Roof leaks? Paint it!
Window broken? That has not actually happened to me, but I am sure it
will get painted.

Near Home.2, things are different. The material of choice is sealant
of the type properly used for sealing around the tub. It is
everywhere. Cracked marble? Seal it! Lose tile? Seal it! Crack
between floor board and floor? Seal it! Need to make wall paper
stick at floor board? Seal it!

It could be worse, I guess. Maybe some places use floor wax or drain
opener to get through the day.

A public service announcement: anyone who suggests going furniture
shopping to me in the near future (i.e., months if not years) risks
getting whacked over the head with a corner sofa in his or her choice
of beige or red fine, Italian leather.