Valgrinding Gnome

Seeing Daniel
Valgrind Gnome
, I thought I’d give it a try too. It was made
easier by his explicit directions. :) So I went to town on my jhbuild
version of Gnome from last week. But I gotta say, it was
really weird. I’d go to launch an application (like Evolution)
and then see the startup notification busy cursor go away and think it
had crashed (I forgot that it timed out after a while just in case the
app crashed), so then I launched another… evolution-data-server
repeatedly crashed in an automatic loop. By the time bug-buddy came
up, the app had usually quit and restarted (is there a timeout
associated with that too? I thought apps stayed alive for bug-buddy
until bug-buddy was dismissed…).

Now I gotta look through all the
generated files
, see which ones look potentially useful, and file
bugs for each Gnome program. Anyone want to help?

Update: I cleaned them up a little bit.