baz, revisited

Aaron Bentley tracked me down and sent me an email about my earlier tla and baz blog
. He noted that (a) doing things using Crispin’s workaround
produces a non-standard archive that may make future implementations
choke (ouch!), (b) it’s much better to make the right way easy than to
convince people not to do it the wrong way (very good advice for
everyone to keep in mind), and (c) to go along with -b-, baz 1.3 will
support diff -p and the code is already in the development branch; in
fact, this is old news and I’m just a latecomer.

What’s more important than this specific information, though is that
(1) baz really is working hard to make arch usable (I should have been
more patient in giving them time to do so, as that is an enormous task
and they have only had a short time so far), and (2) baz developers
apparently really care.

They have my respect.