A certain rocking Thomas

Man, it’s so cool when new people show up and just start exterminating bugs left and right. It doesn’t happen very often, but Thomas Thurman showed up recently, tried fixing a couple Metacity bugs, emailed asking about what else he could do, and then took the large list of possibilities I responded with and appears to have decided that his answer to ‘which of these things should he pursue’ is ‘all of them’! Very cool. He’s already fixed a number of them and the patches just keep coming.

Hopefully, I won’t suck as much at patch review this time around. I’m afraid Björn Lindqvist, who had similiarly been fixing lots of stuff for us, probably decided to get interested in other projects when I went through a big unresponsive period last year. Sorry about that Björn, and much thanks for the many bugs you did fix.

Unfortunately, though, the next 2-3 weeks are going to be insane and will be *very* hard for me to be responsive to much of anything. But I’ll do my best.