Hacking the bugzilla

Finally got some time to do some bugzilla hacking again. Probably should have spent the time testing the 2.14.1 release, but… ;-) Anyway, I killed various annoying behaviors — default to reopen needinfo bugs, reassign product and component requires two steps, triaging quick links only available on some of the relevant bugs, mass reassign bugs without spamming script only handles assignee, people are adding keywords without getting consensus on bugzilla-devel-list/bugmaster (fixed by adding an ominous warning to editkeywords), and a couple other odd ends.

Doing this work, I want to echo the most common thing I’ve seen in #bugs over the last several months… Whoever the telco is that is responsible for still not having fixed Olav’s modem yet so he doesn’t have an internet connection at home: DIE YOU SCUM. We want our bugzilla hacker extraordinaire back.