GUADEC ‘n stuff

Finally got registered for GUADEC yesterday, and got the flight plans and lodging taken care of (just in time, too). A big thanks to Quim for the huge amount of work he’s putting into organizing GUADEC…and for showing superhuman patience with me and my dumb questions (especially the repeated ones). :-/ Deborah usually doesn’t like me being gone for very long, so I was wondering what she was going to say when I told her how it was, uh, longer than expected. In her fairly typical style, though, she brushed off her preferences and instead encouraged me about the whole thing. She’s so cool. 🙂

I also got my passport application done today, and was a bit surprised by its cost; I guess it’ll probably have to count as much of my birthday present (several months early) this year or something. I also didn’t realize that the birth certificate had to become part of the application instead of just being shown to the relevant people. Annoying, since I only had that one copy. Do they send it back after processing the application, or do I have to try to get another one from somewhere? I guess I should have asked when I did the application, but between moving around for pictures and other interruptions during the process (mainly from other people who had questions while filling out the forms), I forgot about it at the time. *sigh*

3 thoughts on “GUADEC ‘n stuff”

  1. Elijah,

    As we renewed my daughter’s passport recently, I was pretty alarmed to realize they’d be taking her birth certificate along with the application, since, like yourself, it was the only copy we had. We were assured that the birth certificate would be returned to us with the new passport. Let’s hope so!


  2. Dave,

    Thanks for the info. That does make me feel better; hopefully we both get the birth certificates back soon. 🙂

  3. Confirmed!

    We received a package today that included everything as promised – old and new passports and the birth certificate!


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