Metacity 2.15.0

Metacity 2.15.0 has hit the streets as part of the new Gnome 2.15 development series. I’m particularly pleased with this release, because we have contributions from nearly a dozen different people, and the only thing I did was one measly trivial fix. 🙂

  • An endless array of compositor updates, not all of which are
    well explained in the ChangeLog. 😉 Includes an ability to
    enable and disable the compositor at runtime, fixed up wobbling
    effect and new explosion effect, special magnification handling,
    different opacity for different window types like menus, a way of
    scaling windows, handling of foreign displays, improved handling
    of window moving/resizing, various code restructuring, special
    runtime checks for correct extensions and other compositors, lots
    of bug fixes, and possibly other stuff I’m missing or not
    understanding (Søren)
  • Removed “move to another workspace” menu when there are exactly
    two workspaces (Thomas) [#151183]
  • fix type for compositing_manager schema entry (Elijah)
  • Port more properties to our async system for code cleanliness
    and speed improvements (Havoc, Thomas) [#309567]
  • Lots of code cleanup, even more code cleanup, wow our code was
    messy (Björn) [#335177, #337507, #336890, #338359]
  • Abstract out the functions for setting/unsetting demands
    attention hint and avoid doing it when the window isn’t obscured
    (Thomas) [#305882]
  • Change strings to make them more readable, and more
    translatable (Gora Mohanty) [#335720]
  • Reduce compiling warnings — add a number of casts and change
    signedness on a number of variables (Björn) [#336032]
  • Fixed broken links in README (Alejandro Andres) [#333303]
  • Add a tabbing function, bound to alt-f6 by default, to cycle
    through the windows of the current application (Thomas)
  • Fix the build with –disable-xsync (Andy Morum) [#336605]
  • Raise windows on maximize/unmaximize (Dan Sanders)
  • Don’t have confirmation windows make applications appear to be
    locked when closing via the window list (Dan Sanders)
  • Allow more than one keybinding for any action, by checking
    a gconf key of the form <foo>_list where <foo> is the gconf
    key giving the first/normal keybinding for that action. (Thomas)
  • warn and ignore if transient_for is set to a non-top-level
    window (Thomas Andersen) [#335524]
  • Use po/LINGUAS for listing supported languages (Brian Pepple)
  • Nearly 3 dozen language translation updates