Apologies for disappearing

Looks like I haven’t blogged since my plane troubles to Barcelona (btw, the trip back went pretty smoothly, which was a pleasant change). I probably need to apologize to lots of people, as I’ve been swamped and have been completely unable to respond to lots of emails. And lots of patches are sadly rotting right now without my reviews. Sad thing is that we have tons of great metacity patches right now from lots of contributors. Bjorn has several that have gone for like a month without review. 🙁 I suck. Luckily, though, Havoc has jumped on some of the patches and reviewed them (Wahoo!); I think mainly the ones from Thomas but I could be forgetting.

Between two conferences preventing me from getting work done[1] and the extra huge amounts of work to prepare for both, compounding the difficulty of keeping up by giving me lots of catch-up work, I felt like I just haven’t been as active as at other times. Sorry, everyone. release-team tasks is about all I’ve been able to keep up with right now. We’ll see if I’m able to actually catch up after getting back from this conference, though it’s not looking optimistic right now.

[1] And yes, GUADEC definitely was not conducive to getting work done due to lack of air-conditioning, wireless problems, lack of ethernet ports, and, um, lack of air-conditioning. Oh, and my sucky laptop that hard freezes multiple times per hour — though that isn’t GUADEC’s fault.