The glass is half full

Being a bit bummed about academic stuff can be a great way of getting stuff done in GNOME, however. I caught up on a huge back-pile of email[1], nearly caught up on metacity patch review[2], and even fixed up some bugzilla bugs. One feature request that I’ve wanted for a long time was to enable searching reporters without using the complicated/advanced search page (which is also known as the “wait for your birth certificate to expire while it loads” page); now reporters can be searched with the expected boogle syntax: reporter<op><email1>,<email2>,…,<emailn> where <op> is ‘=’ or ‘!=’ (and ‘:’ is aliased to ‘=’). Simple example:

Also, I introduced two special “email addresses”. ‘me’ and ‘developer’, the latter of which adds an ability that the complicated/advanced form does not have. Thus, if I want to find all nautilus bugs filed by either one of its developers or me I can use the search

product:nautilus reporter:me,developer

This also means I was able to fix the bug about the link for “Bugs without a response” on the product browse page; it now no longer includes bugs filed by one of the product developers.

[1] No, my strategy wasn’t to merely wait until all emails were irrelevant (though it may have seemed that way to some people; my apologies to those individuals).

[2] Of special note, is Thomas’ theme changes, which look like they’ll be ready to land on HEAD very soon. That’ll kill around a dozen bugs or so once merged.