Timing is everything…and my timing sucks

A bunch of flamewars appear to have cropped up in some mailing lists, and have spilled over into Planet GNOME and Slashdot. Sadly, it was a flamewar that already ended about a year ago before some random troll decided to reignite it. A good thing did come out of it in that Linus provided a bunch of patches that appear to have some needed code cleanups (thanks Linus!). Sadly, however, I’ve been utterly buried between job searching and trying to finish up a paper I’ve been working on, and haven’t even had the couple days I needed to finish up my dissertation.

I spent the last several hours trying to catch up on email, or at least the important ones, but I haven’t even finished that, let alone had time to review patches…from Linus or anyone else since last September. 🙁

I wonder if people are beginning to disbelieve my claims that I really will get more time at some point to catch up and take care of these things. I really do think I’ll be able to start on the process of catching up before too long (maybe after 2.18 is out?). But the timing of this latest episode isn’t so great.