T + 15 minutes

So, guenther notes that I’m running a bit slow getting the release out. And yes, it’s Thursday in UTC time already. I’m working on it now; it’ll be out before long (assuming the few remaining issues are easily resolvable).

As for why I’m not ready yet: I was trying to work on the release yesterday, but ran into a few issues. GNOME websites were almost completely unresponsive yesterday evening when I was trying to work on the release (lots and lots of timeouts yesterday, and I couldn’t ssh in either). Further, I had to wait for the new gtk+ and glib releases since issues were discovered with the original tarballs meant for the 2.19.3 release (Matthias rocks for making the new tarballs so quickly, however, since I can’t work on the release while I’m at work, it would have been nicer if he hadn’t released the tarballs right as I’m driving to work in the morning and making me look like an even bigger slacker when I’m slow to respond).