Hello, artists?

Dear artists of the internet, Swfdec is in desperate need of a logo and/or icon. We developers can all write cool code, but not design cool images. To get in touch, leave a comment, mail me or come to our IRC channel: #swfdec on Freenode

And a note: It should not be confused with Adobe’s Flash player logo. I don’t want to be sued.


#1 fatal on 10.18.07 at 10:47

Just a random thought out of the blue… Adobe Flash Player logo kind of looks like the fedora logo.


#2 Molumen on 10.18.07 at 18:48

Hi! Try contacting the OpenClipart people, there is a possibility to make a logo contest among users. There already was a succesful contest to create a logo for SOM (spread open media).

the Open Clipart website is: http://www.openclipart.org

Write a word to the mailing list, I’m sure that it’ll be a success :)

registration to the Open Clipart mailing list is here:

#3 Kostja on 10.18.07 at 19:41

Just sent a suggestion…