gnome-games 2.21.1 release

Yesterday we released gnome-games 2.21.1. It’s a hard rocking release with some cool new features and some much needed bug fixes.

Robert Ancell and Thomas M. Hinkle (Tom) have been kicking some serious ass for this release. Robert fixed some longstanding bugs that had a lot of duplicates and Tom revamped the interface for selecting difficulty/old game in sudoku:


Geoffrey Buchan also added an undo feature to tali. It’s currently far too easy to make a wrong score in tali and this feature will allow users to undo when it happens. It’s implemented in such a way that it can’t be used to cheat. We want to avoid “cheating features” as much as possible. Vincent Povirk made auto-play possible for spider in aisleriot so that double clicking a foundation moves all the possible cards there.

And of course there is lots more great stuff coming for 2.21.2. Stay tuned 🙂

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