i18n 和 l10n 区别

  • Internationalization = I18n
    Changing a program to support for multiple languages and cultural habits.

    • Character handling (unicode…)
    • Locale awareness (date formats, currencies, numbers, time zones, etc.)
      • Localizability
      • Isolate localizable items (messages, pictures, etc.)
      • Implement infrastructure necessary for localizing above items.
  • The programmer’s work.

  • Localization = L10n
    • Translate localizable items (messages, pictures, etc.) for one language.
  • Providing an internationalized package the necessary bits to support one’s native language and cultural habits.

    The translator’s work.

Gettext = complete toolset for translating messages output by programs.

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    谢谢 tang,因为我是搞技术方面的,对于大段大段的感情文章,我又缺乏这方面的文采,实在是惭愧啊…

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