Ray Wang, a FLOSS great fan since 1999 and became a real GNU/Linux user since 2005. He mostly participate in GNU and GNOME communities, and has been a member of GNOME foundation since 2008. In his spare time, he has been taking part in Beijing Linux User Group actively. He was a build and QA engineer of Mono accessibility project in Novell. Now he works for Canonical as a QA engineer.

王磊,从1999年开始接触自由软件,从2005年开始一直使用 GNU/Linux 操作系统。主要参与 GNU 和 GNOME 社区的活动。从2008年起,成为 GNOME 基金会成员之一。业余时间积极参加 Beijing Linux User Group 的活动。他曾经在 Novell 工作,是 Mono accessibility 项目的编译和测试工程师。现在他在 Canonical 作一名测试工程师。

Email: raywang AT NOSPAM gnome DOT org

IRC: raywang@FreeNode, OFTC and GimpNet

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