More progress on the Evolution GDA provider. Now, I’ve added simple SQL

This image shows the Evolution default tasks folder being queried from
Mergeant. This is a feature now available to all GNOME Office applications.
The SQL supported so far is quite limited (essentially, a ‘select … from
table’, that is, only fields from a single table can be retrieved), but
should be enough to start using the provider for beta testing.

Ettore asked
me about the purpose of this provider relating Evolution’s calendar
and contact client API, so I think I’ll explain it here in case somebody
else wonders the same. The idea is not to have libgda as “the way of
accessing Evolution data”, but to have this provider allow access to
Evolution data via libgda, as can be done with other data sources.
Applications wanting more control over their communication with
Evolution’s data server should use Evolution’s provided APIs, which, in
fact, are going to be improved a lot as part of the work for 1.6.