Live content on the desktop

Just installed gdeskcal,
a very nice little application which creates a cute transparent calendar
on your desktop and which displays information on which days you
have appointments on, and a summary of the appointment.

It even reads Evolution’s default local calendar folder
(evolution/local/Calendar/calendar.ics). It doesn’t access
any other Evolution folder nor does it write to the Evolution calendar
(that would be a very bad idea, since it doesn’t use libcal-client
to access the Evolution calendar, and writing to the file directly could
result in nasty things due to two applications accessing the same file
without any locking).

From this application, talking with Tuomas and Jakub on IRC, the idea of
having something similar to this in Evolution
came up.
The idea is to move the current Evolution summary to a cute transparent
window, and offer from there access to the calendar, tasks, news feeds,
contacts, and mail folders, in a non-intrusive way.